Sushi Healthy and Sushi Nutrition

Sushi is the most popular food in Japanese cuisine which served by preparing the vinegar rice with various ingredients including the vegetables. Chiefly seafood and other ingredients like tropical fruits as well.

But how healthy is sushi ? Let’s find benefits of sushi in my article.

1. Source of Protein

As the primary ingredient fish such as tuna salmon and mackerel with a source of protein. You can get 20 or more grams of protein per fish roll as well. At this point, you can choose mackerel as your sushi ingredient as it is high in protein and omega-3. Indeed with a reasonable consumption of protein foods, the protein will boost your overall body health. Protein as we know it believed as the primary nutrient which promotes the muscle building also it regenerates the broken cells with the new ones. So as you consume sushi with the excellent fish inside then, you have developed the structure of the active immune system as well.

2. Foods Rich in Fiber

As sushi consists many kinds of vegetables or fruits like avocado and pickled ginger, then it is rich in nutrients such as fibre then it is known that thread is the major contributor for promoting the digestion system. Fibre can help to improve the work of healthy guts. Fibre can help preventing digestion problems such as constipation bloating and diarrhoea. For the tips, you can consume fibre foods including green vegetables and fruits to fulfil the needs of fibre for sure.

3. Natural Energy Boosters

If you feel hungry or feel tired in a day grab, you can eat your favourite sushi rolls and make some power for your body. In this case, as sushi commonly uses white rice as its ingredient, then the rice is a role in boosting the energy. For this reason, rice contains carbohydrate which is known as the source of body energy. As a consequence, it is also recommended to use brown rice as the substitute for white rice to obtain the higher nutrients as well.

4. Sushi is Foods That Lower Cholesterol Levels Fast

People nowadays watch their food consumption as well as trying to decrease their cholesterol level. As a consequence, they eat right foods like green vegetables to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Green plants as one of the healthy foods contain the extraordinary amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This essential nutrient will help lowering cholesterol level resulting in the healthy heart. If you want to achieve the healthy heart it is best to consume sushi is your food option then.
You can find other foods that lower cholesterol in this video.

5. Foods That Strengthen The Immune System

Due to the presence of antibacterial properties in wasabi then wasabi and sushi can help to enhance the immune system. It will work great as it prevents the presence of bacteria and viruses in the body. It is not only wasabi, but ginger also has the antibacterial agent and antiviral agent so that pickled ginger and sushi will help to protect the body against the risk of disease. Indeed with the great nutrients contained in sushi ingredients, it will build the healthy immune system for sure.