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How Does Smoking Meat Work : Easy Tips for Smoking Meat

I prefer to smoke meat than cook them in any others way. Meats are always better when they are burning. Smoking was the traditional way of preserve meats. Although there is so many others way to keep them fresh but burning still be the best choice. You will find the best of meats by smoking them. It brings a unique taste, rich flavour, and great texture when they are burned well, and the meat melts off the bone. Therefore, smoking is accessible and always be favourite.

How to smoke meat? It’s too easy. Choose the best of meats, rub or brine your meats before you start to burn them than tobacco by using a charcoal grill or high-tech electric smoker, and choose the woods that pairs well with your meats. There are a variety of woods, and each of them brings the different flavour. Smoke them on low even heat for few hours until the meat melts off the bone, and it’s smoked perfectly.

Here some tips to smoke your meats perfect and how does smoking meat work

1. Setting Up a Smoker

Of course, you need a smoker to smoke. There are many types of equipment designed for smoking that will make the process smoother and more comfortable. But the result will be different if you burn your meat by using charcoal grill or woods. These types of smoker have each advantage.

  • Wood smoker; Hardwood blocks and chips fuel them. This type of wood will bring the intense flavour of the smoking meat. However, using the wood smoker is tricky and required your attention to keep them and the temperature steady. But the result will be appropriate, and you will get your smoking meat full of flavour.
  • Charcoal Smoker; this is one of the best choices for both beginners and experts. A mixture of charcoal and wood fuels them. Charcoal smoker is more relaxed than a wood smoker. It burns longer and steadier. So, you don’t need to monitor. You can make a charcoal smoker in your backyard and enjoy smoking meat with your family and friends.
  • Electric smoker; well, It’s super easy for you. This electric smoker will help to smoke your meat just in the simple way. Just put the meat inside and leave them for hours until it’s done. Although this electric smoker is practical enough, it tends more expensive, and the result will be lack of flavour.
  • Gas smoker; a gas smoker is also easy to use. Because gas smoker don’t need to monitor the temperature during the day. You can leave them while you are watching television or doing others. But the result is not flavorful like using charcoal or wood smoker.

2. Choose proper type of wood to use

Like I said above that there are a variety of woods and each of them brings the unique flavour to the meat. These types of woods add a unique flavour to your smoked meats.

  1. Mesquite; mesquite has strong smoky taste and make your chicken delicious. If you want to use mesquite, cut the meat into smaller pieces because the more significant cut requires a long day cooking. You can mix mesquite with a milder type of wood.
  2. Hickory; hickory is like mesquite, it has a strong flavour. This is best for red meat.
  3. Oak; oak has a subtler taste than mesquite and hickory, so it is suitable for thick red beef that needs long time cooking.
  4. Apple; if you want something sweet for you smoked turkey, try to use apple wood. It brings fresh taste and delicious into the smoked meat. Applewood is good pairs for pork or poultry and fish.
  5. Maple; maple is another sweet wood that suitable for pork or chicken.
  6. Alder; this type of timber brings sweet taste and mild flavour. It is perfect pairs for poultry and fish.
  7. Cherry; if you want to smoke beef, I recommended to use this cherry wood. This is an ideal partner for beef and pork.

3. Use the wet or dry smoking method

There are two methods of smoking, damp smoking or dry smoking. The water can be used to control the temperature of a smoker. If you smoke the thick cut of meat that needs many hours of cooking you need some water to help regulate the temperature. Some smoker designed with incorporate water into the process. But don’t be a worry, you can also smoke using water in charcoal or wood smoker. Just put a pan of water inside the smoker and make sure that it stays full of the smoking. On the other hands, if you are smoking smaller pieces of meat, you don’t need to use water. If you buy a smoker, remember to read the instruction before you are going to using water.

4. Soak wood chips

Sometimes you need to use wood chips when you are smoking by using a charcoal grill or another type of smoker where the wood not as fuel. These wood chips are using instead of big pieces. As we know that wood pieces tend to burn quicker than the bigger one, so you need to soak them for keeping them longer. Soak in water then wrap them with aluminium foil.

Well, it’s time to try! have your best-smoked meats and enjoy it.


Sushi Healthy and Sushi Nutrition

Sushi is the most popular food in Japanese cuisine which served by preparing the vinegar rice with various ingredients including the vegetables. Chiefly seafood and other ingredients like tropical fruits as well.

But how healthy is sushi ? Let’s find benefits of sushi in my article.

1. Source of Protein

As the primary ingredient fish such as tuna salmon and mackerel with a source of protein. You can get 20 or more grams of protein per fish roll as well. At this point, you can choose mackerel as your sushi ingredient as it is high in protein and omega-3. Indeed with a reasonable consumption of protein foods, the protein will boost your overall body health. Protein as we know it believed as the primary nutrient which promotes the muscle building also it regenerates the broken cells with the new ones. So as you consume sushi with the excellent fish inside then, you have developed the structure of the active immune system as well.

2. Foods Rich in Fiber

As sushi consists many kinds of vegetables or fruits like avocado and pickled ginger, then it is rich in nutrients such as fibre then it is known that thread is the major contributor for promoting the digestion system. Fibre can help to improve the work of healthy guts. Fibre can help preventing digestion problems such as constipation bloating and diarrhoea. For the tips, you can consume fibre foods including green vegetables and fruits to fulfil the needs of fibre for sure.

3. Natural Energy Boosters

If you feel hungry or feel tired in a day grab, you can eat your favourite sushi rolls and make some power for your body. In this case, as sushi commonly uses white rice as its ingredient, then the rice is a role in boosting the energy. For this reason, rice contains carbohydrate which is known as the source of body energy. As a consequence, it is also recommended to use brown rice as the substitute for white rice to obtain the higher nutrients as well.

4. Sushi is Foods That Lower Cholesterol Levels Fast

People nowadays watch their food consumption as well as trying to decrease their cholesterol level. As a consequence, they eat right foods like green vegetables to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Green plants as one of the healthy foods contain the extraordinary amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This essential nutrient will help lowering cholesterol level resulting in the healthy heart. If you want to achieve the healthy heart it is best to consume sushi is your food option then.
You can find other foods that lower cholesterol in this video.

5. Foods That Strengthen The Immune System

Due to the presence of antibacterial properties in wasabi then wasabi and sushi can help to enhance the immune system. It will work great as it prevents the presence of bacteria and viruses in the body. It is not only wasabi, but ginger also has the antibacterial agent and antiviral agent so that pickled ginger and sushi will help to protect the body against the risk of disease. Indeed with the great nutrients contained in sushi ingredients, it will build the healthy immune system for sure. - Powered By WordPress